ColCap Triton 2023-3P Issuance

By December 14, 2023December 15th, 2023News

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ColCap Financial Limited (“ColCap”) is pleased to advise it has issued a new Residential Mortgage-Backed Security (“RMBS”) under the Triton program, being 2023-3P RMBS, the details of which are:

  • Issue name: Columbus Capital Triton 2023-3P
  • Sponsor: Columbus Capital
  • Pricing date: 13 December 2023
  • Settlement date: 19 December 2023
  • Arranger and lead manager: National Australia Bank
  • Transaction type: residential mortgage-backed securities
  • Collateral type: prime residential mortgages
  • Volume: A$800 million

Columbus Capital Triton 2023-3P pricing details

Tranche Volume (A$m) Expected rating Credit support (per cent) WAL (years) Margin (bp/1m BBSW)
A1-A 330.4 AAA 12.25 1.2 ND
A1-B 371.6 AAA 12.25 3 ND
B 29.6 AA 8.55 3 ND
C 26.8 A 5.2 3 ND
D 18.32 BBB 2.91 3 ND
E 10.24 BB 1.63 3 ND
F 7.04 B 0.75 3 ND
G 6 NR N/A 3 ND

About ColCap
ColCap is a privately owned leading non-bank lender specialising in prime residential mortgage lending. ColCap was founded in 2006 and currently has a loan portfolio of approximately $14.0 billion.

ColCap lends primarily through:

  • the Wholesale lending brand Origin Mortgage Management Services, which primarily services mortgage managers that offer white labelled mortgage loans;
  • the award-winning Retail lending brand Homestar Finance, which primarily offers mortgage loans direct to borrowers; and
  • the Broker lending brand Granite Home Loans, which offers selected loan products to borrowers utilising aggregators and mortgage brokers.

ColCap is also a nascent residential mortgage lender in the United Kingdom through its subsidiary Molo Tech Limited (“Molo”), and a significant shareholder in Austrata Finance which is an innovative newly established provider of strata loans in Australia.

Columbus Capital rebranded as ColCap with effect from September 2021.

For further information
David Carroll (Treasurer)
Tel: +61 2 9273 8132